John Taenzler, Ph.D.

Dr. Taenzler earned his doctorate in experimental neuropsychology from Clark University in 1995, where he served as an associate professor and departmental statistical consultant for various universities in the Boston area. He has worked as a research consultant in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for more than 26 years, including Executive Vice President in a large, global marketing research company (GfK) and Founder/Principal in two custom research organizations (Evolution Consulting Research and Jaunty Consulting).

Dr. Taenzler has conducted global pharma/biotech research in over 30 countries and is well-versed in the healthcare regulatory issues and government agencies that provide and oversee healthcare services. Dr. Taenzler has conducted research in nearly every area of healthcare including:

  • Pharmaceuticals (most notably in the therapeutic areas of auto-immune disease,
    oncology, respiratory disease, pain-related syndromes, gastrointestinal disorders,
    psychiatric disorders)
  • Hospitals/long-term care facilities (including disease management, robotics, pharmacy operations)
  • Healthcare professionals (including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory
  • Patients (including caregivers)
  • Supply chain organizations (including specialty pharmacy, retail and hospital
    pharmacies, pharmaceutical distributors)
  • Medical Appliance/Drug Delivery Devices (including inhalers, transdermal systems,
    injection devices, human factors testing and mitigation strategies)
  • Payors/Managed care (including P&T committee composition, sales force targeting, disease/case management, coverage issues).

Sandra Marucci, MBA
Senior Vice President

Ms. Marucci has an BS in Management and an MBA in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has over 30 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Ms. Marucci has held leadership positions in Analytics, Operations, and Marketing Strategy and has focused a considerable portion of her career in Oncology. She has worked for some of the largest (Top 5) pharmaceutical companies as well as small/emerging and mid-size organizations.

Ms. Marucci has worked in nearly every area of pharma/biotech including:

  • Regulatory / Legal
  • Medical / Clinical
  • Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing (including branded and unbranded marketing for product launches, line extensions, and on-going communication efforts)
  • Commercial Analytics and Market Research
  • New Product Development / Product line extensions